Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Dead Plays "The View"

I am posting this with selfish reasons. Last week I heard that the Dead was going to play "The View" and, because I knew I would be out, I DVR'd it. When I got home Monday night I turned on the TV and started to watch The View. Bill O'Rilley was on the show being his usual douche-bag self so I listened to his bullshit and quickly fast forwarded to the end of the show where the music spots usually are. When I finally weeded through the advertisements and got to the highlight the network kicked off the View and went to coverage of a 4.9 earthquake in the south bay. It ran through out the duration of the program. Bogus!! Here is the link for all of you that missed it too.


So After they played the View they played the Roseland Ballroom NYC




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