Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This weekend's ShredMenu

This weekend marks the first non-late night set STS9 has played in the bay area since last summer. They are playing Thursday through Sunday of this weekend. It should be balls out. Friday and Saturday are sold out. There are still some tickets available I hear for the Thursday and Sunday shows. My boy DJ Morale is opening on Friday show love SF!
The official late night after party is at 103 Harriet (1015 Folsom) after every show.
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STS9 played a PA set at a Veni Vidi Vici event at Club 6 in December. The show started at 2:15 AM boy and the scene was messy. I think I counted 3 people in full costume crumbled on the basement couches. The art was sick and the music rocked. I good time had by all for sure.

Also this weekend is the 2009 Burning Man Burnal Equinox Party. This event sounds like a whole lot of fun. This party is going down at Mission Rock Cafe's Flambe Lounge. It should go until at least 3 am.
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